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Naceptide premix

Naceptide premix

Product Category:BAPI for veterinary use


【English name】 Nosiheptide Premix
【Main ingredients】Nosiheptide
【Specification】1000g:2.5g(250 million units), 1000g:5.0g(500 million units), 1000g:10g(1000 million units), 1000g:20g(2000 million units), 1000g:40g(4000 million units), 1000g:80g(8000 million units)。 
【Pharmacological effects】Antibiotics. The antibacterial mechanism of naceptide is inhibition of bacterial protein synthesis, low concentration of bacteriostatic, high concentration of bactericidal effect. Gram-positive bacteria, such as staphylococcus, Clostridium sensitive to it. It can promote the growth of pigs and chickens and improve the feed conversion rate.
Mixed feeding administration is rarely absorbed in animal digestive tract, and there is little residue in animal products.
【Indications】It is used to promote the growth of pigs and chickens.
【Dosage】Take naceptide. Mixed feed: 2.5 ~ 20g for pigs and 2.5g for chickens per 1000kg feed. 
【Withdrawal time】Pig, chicken 7 days. Laying hens are forbidden during laying period.
【Adverse reactions】Adverse reactions were not found with the recommended dosage.
【Notes】For pigs under 70kg only (except for breeding pigs).
【Storage】Keep closed and in a cool, dry place. 
【Period of validity】2 years

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